The Elder Scrolls’ least memorable spin-off, Blades, could – and should – have been so much more than it was | Gaming

It turns out that what – at the time – felt like novel fun, was in fact one of the more forgettable gaming experiences of my life. That’s The Elder Scrolls: Blades in a nutshell for you, really. A mobile game that feels impressive during your first dungeon, and even your second, but the novelty of it all wears off quicker than you’d ever imagine. Especially if you’re already familiar with the likes of Oblivion and Skyrim.

During my first year of university, my HP laptop couldn’t handle much more than The Sims or Amnesia. I didn’t own an Xbox or PC at the time, given that I was staunchly committed to trying to enjoy the stereotypical university lifestyle more than anything else. At that time, when I wasn’t pushing my dear laptop to the absolute limits, we all primarily just played Mario Kart and Super Smash Bros. on the Nintendo Wii time and time again.

So, when summer rolled around and all of my flatmates went home while I stayed to work, I had to find something to fill my time with that wasn’t annoying to everyone around me. My long time friend, who happened to live downstairs, had also stayed. We’d often hang out after work, share dinner, and then spend our time seeing what Steam or the App Store had to offer that could entertain us for the evening.

One long weekend, we found The Elder Scrolls: Blades.

As two people who were big fans of Skyrim once upon a time, we were excited to have stumbled upon the recently-released game, which we could play from the comfort of wherever, whenever. Days ensued where minimal words were spoken. We watched crappy evening TV and played nothing but Blades. It was a very peaceful time, but sure enough, once that long weekend was over, our time with Blades was, too.

Image credit: Bethesda.

Blades was definitely…

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