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Nov 14, 2023. The Hacker NewsPen Testing / Vulnerability Management.

In 2023, the global average cost of a data breach reached $4.45 million. Beyond the immediate financial loss, there are long-term consequences like diminished customer trust, weakened brand value, and derailed business operations.

In a world where the frequency and cost of data breaches are skyrocketing, organizations are coming face-to-face with a harsh reality: traditional cybersecurity measures might not be cutting it anymore.

Against this backdrop, businesses must find ways to strengthen their measures to safeguard precious data and critical assets. At the heart of this shift lies a key strategy: continuous monitoring.

Understanding Continuous Security Monitoring in Cybersecurity

Continuous monitoring is a dynamic approach that encompasses several techniques to fulfil a multi-layered defense strategy. These techniques can include:

Unlike point-in-time assessments, which are analogous to taking a photo of your security posture, continuous monitoring is like a 24/7 live stream. It proactively scouts for vulnerabilities, irregularities, misconfigurations, and potential threats, ensuring swift detection and response.

Continuous Security Monitoring for Web Applications

Protecting business applications should be a central component of any effective cybersecurity strategy. Not only are they a tempting target for cybercriminals, but they are also increasingly difficult to protect. According to a recent report, based on analysis of 3.5 million business assets, the vast majority (74%) of internet-exposed web apps containing personal identifiable information (PII) are vulnerable to a cyberattack.

When it comes to protecting their web application, organizations often grapple with a critical choice: a pen testing as a service (PTaaS) solution or the standard (periodic or ad-hoc) pen test. The choice boils down to your organization’s specific needs. Both tools have their merits; it’s about…

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