The new Motorola Razr just leaked, and it looks the same | Technology

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The Motorola Razr is an excellent foldable flip phone, but it’s nearing time for a sequel. This week, images of a new Motorola Razr have leaked, but it looks like hardly anything will change this time around.

The Motorola Razr+ launched last year with a radically different design compared to the first couple of generations of the foldable Razr. Gone were the similarities to the classic Razr, instead replaced with a big and capable cover display and an otherwise powerful package. It was definitely for the best, and in our review we loved the Razr+’s fit and finish.

That last Razr+, known as Razr 40 Ultra in international markets, launched in June 2023, so the window for a sequel is quickly approaching. Thus far, we haven’t really heard much about it.

Now, the folks at 91Mobiles have spotted a pair of images of the supposed Motorola Razr 50 Ultra, the 2024 version of the Motorola Razr+.

The images show a design that’s practically identical to today’s model. A tall design with a hinge to close up the device. The outside has two cameras and is otherwise a slab of glass with a display underneath. There’s also a colored bottom backplate, in…


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