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Sony will use a new “PS5 Pro Enhanced” label to tell players which games take advantage of the console’s new abilities, according to documents seen by InsiderGaming yesterday. The outlet writes that to get the label, a game would have to offer a PS5 Pro graphics mode, which includes PSSR for 4K upscaling, constant 60fps framerate, and added or improved ray-tracing. It would reportedly also indicate higher resolution for both fixed and variable refresh rate games.

The site says that the internally-named “Trinity Enhanced” label would be akin to the “PS4 Pro Enhanced” label from the last PlayStation generation (or the “X|S” label that denotes games with improvements like better load times or higher framerates). It also told players when a game was given graphical upgrades specific to the then-new system, but not necessarily what the mix of improvements is.

Rumors have suggested that the PS5 Pro will launch at the end of 2024, putting it about a year out from its release of a smaller PS5 this past November. Compared to the vanilla PS5, it may offer as much as 4x the ray-tracing performance, a 10-percent-higher-clocked version of the original console’s CPU, 28 percent faster memory, and up to a 45 percent rendering performance improvement…

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