The Rise of the Golden Idol Preview: Superior Sleuthing Preview | Gaming

It has been two years since Color Gray Games released The Case of the Golden Idol, a mystery puzzler letting you play detective and piece together evidence around twelve grisly murder cases. Now, we’ve tried our hand at the sequel.

While it may have only been two years since the last game released, in the timeline of the world of the Golden Idol it has been 300 years. Now, we’re an investigator in the 1970s, on the trail of the mysterious artefact known as the Golden Idol. This time, there are fifteen cases for us to crack wide open with our wit and deduction skills.

After going through a very short tutorial where you have to piece together how a man is getting strangled while said strangulation is happening right in front of you, you’re thrown into the first case, one following the death of renowned scientist Isaac Nowak. We won’t spoil the details of the case here, but it soon proves much more complex than it first appears.

Gameplay-wise, Rise of the Golden Idol starts off with a small scene, depicted in a brilliant art style that makes every human look equally monstrous. You’ll click around, collecting evidence in the form of phrases and keywords, sometimes spoken by the…


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