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The Summer of 2023 Was the Hottest in 2,000 Years.

Ancient tree rings show that the summer of 2023 was the hottest in the past 2,000 years because of human-caused climate change.

Heat wave after punishing, record-shattering heat wave gripped regions all over the Northern Hemisphere this past summer. They contributed to the globally hottest month, weeks and day ever in more than 100 years of direct measurements and to 2023 being the hottest year on record by a wide margin. Now a new study shows that that summer in the Northern Hemisphere was the hottest in the past 2,000 years—a marker of how much the world has already warmed and how urgently we need to drastically reduce greenhouse gas emissions, the study’s authors say.

The findings were published on Tuesday in Nature and were based on reconstructions of ancient temperatures from tree rings. They show that beyond being 0.15 degree Celsius hotter than the previous record-setting summer of 2016, the summer of 2023…


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