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Tang. Swanson’s TV dinners. Wow Chips. BacOs. Since the dawn of dinner, food fads have formed, and fizzled. But who’s behind them?

Sherry Frey is an Insights Executive at Nielsen IQ in Chicago, a spinoff from the Nielsen TV-ratings company. She analyzes the public’s food purchases and spots the trends.

These days, here’s a big one: “Consumers are savvier than ever about what they’re putting in their bodies, and the impact that it has on their health, but also the health of the planet overall,” Frey said.

Not all of the trends will strike you as obvious, like the spike in mushrooms. Frey said, “We’re seeing this in beverages (Om Mushroom Hot Chocolate Blend). We’re seeing it in baked goods (Gwell Reishi & Chaga Tea Cookies), shiitake salad dressing (Annie’s Shiitake Sesame Vinaigrette).”

Also trending: sea vegetables, with kelp burgers, and a variety of seaweed chips and snacks.

And, products with ingredients thought to lower your stress levels, like ashwagandha.

Pogue asked, “So, it’s possible that in 2024, I might see a favorite sports drink, ‘now with ashwagandha’?”

“You already do!” Frey laughed. [Yep, there’s

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