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Circle to Search has started rolling out to more devices, bringing a new way to run what’s on your screen through a Google Search. Here are the devices that can currently run Circle to Search.

Circle to Search is a catchy new term for a specialized function of Google Lens. It essentially allows you to access Google Search through a temporary screen capture. From there, you can circle and highlight objects in the screen capture, sending them through a reverse image search.

The new functionality is pretty powerful and has proven to be a useful addition to Android. It’s accessed by holding the home or gesture navigation bar down until the screen lights up. From there, you’ll be able to highlight objects on the screen.

The feature first debuted on Samsung’s Galaxy S24 series in early 2024. From there, it quickly rolled out to the Pixel 8 lineup and has since trickled down to other Pixel and Galaxy generations.

The Galaxy S24 series and the Pixel 8 lineup both have Circle to Search since they essentially introduced the functionality. A couple of months later, other device…


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