This Helldivers 2 Star Wars mod will soon let you and your nerdy mates do some Clone Wars roleplaying while you kill bugs | Gaming

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Hello, Helldivers 2 people. And Star Wars people. You’ll both be glad to know that there’s a mod pack in the works which’ll bring both of those two things together, by visually transforming the shooter into the perfect tool to re-enact some Clone Wars battles.

Yup, you’ve recently had to consider what Helldivers 2 might have been like if Arrowhead had opted not to make it live-service, and now you’re having to consider what it could be like if all of your team mates looked like something that little green lad – aye, Yoda – could lob into the atmosphere using his force powers.

The mod pack that accomplishes this is the work of modders Irastris and Kboy, with YouTuber ToastedShoes having recently teamed up with some friends to show off their intergalactic work. As you can see in the clip below, the mod swaps the usual getups of you and your mates with those of clone troopers, as well as filling the game’s maps and cinematics with a host of familiar Star Wars ships and droids.

You can rock up in a Star Destroyer, battle some Droidekas and other bots that’ve tagged in for an…


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