This Is How Porsche Is Trying To Lure Tesla Customers | News World

Porsche is not going to just sit and watch Tesla make the rules in the luxury electric sedan segment. It uses all its weapons even if it means offering discounts to owners of non-Porsche-branded models. So, technically, everyone who owns a car qualifies for the discount.

Porsche is now offering a $4,500 discount to those who already drive a car from another manufacturer. The move is to lure Tesla owners and prevent the American carmaker from gaining territory in the segment. The price cut is specifically targeting those financing or leasing a competitive vehicle, including a Tesla. Therefore, everyone who owns any other car but a Porsche is eligible to get a discount to buy a Porsche.The Zufenhausen-based sports car manufacturer launched the Taycan back in 2019. The 2025 Taycan, though, came with more range thanks to the bigger battery pack (105 kW instead of 93 kW), faster charging, and upgraded performance.

The range-topping Taycan Turbo GT is a Tesla Model S Plaid slayer. It…


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