This Week’s Awesome Tech Stories From Around the Web (Through June 8) | Science

The CEO of Zoom Wants AI Clones in Meetings
Nilay Patel | The Verge
“Like virtually every other company, Zoom now has a big investment in AI—and [CEO Eric Yuan’s] visions for what that AI will do are pretty wild. Eric really wants you to stop having to attend Zoom meetings yourself. You’ll hear him describe how he thinks one of the big benefits of AI at work will be letting us all create something he calls a ‘digital twin’—essentially a deepfake avatar of yourself that can go to Zoom meetings on your behalf and even make decisions for you while you spend your time on more important things, like your family.”

AI Used to Predict Potential New Antibiotics in Groundbreaking Study
Eric Berger | The Guardian
“The report, published Wednesday in the journal Cell, details the findings of scientists who used an algorithm to mine the ‘entirety of the microbial diversity that we have on Earth—or a huge representation of that—and find almost one million new molecules…


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