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The Best Qubits for Quantum Computing Might Just Be Atoms
Philip Ball | Quanta
“In the search for the most scalable hardware to use for quantum computers, qubits made of individual atoms are having a breakout moment. …’We believe we can pack tens or even hundreds of thousands in a centimeter-scale device,’ [Mark Saffman, a physicist at the University of Wisconsin] said.”

AI Chatbots Are Improving at an Even Faster Rate Than Computer Chips
Chris Stokel-Walker | New Scientist
“Besiroglu and his colleagues analyzed the performance of 231 LLMs developed between 2012 and 2023 and found that, on average, the computing power required for subsequent versions of an LLM to hit a given benchmark halved every eight months. That is far faster than Moore’s law, a computing rule of thumb coined in 1965 that suggests the number of transistors on a chip, a measure of performance, doubles every 18 to 24 months.”

How AI Could Explode the Economy
Dylan Matthews | Vox
“Imagine everything humans have achieved since the days when we lived in caves: wheels, writing, bronze and iron smelting, pyramids and the Great Wall, ocean-traversing ships, mechanical reaping, railroads, telegraphy, electricity, photography, film, recorded music, laundry machines, television, the internet, cellphones. Now imagine accomplishing 10 times all that—in just a quarter century. This is a very, very, very strange world we’re contemplating. It’s strange enough that it’s fair to wonder whether it’s even possible.”


What’s Next for Generative Video
Will Douglas Heaven | MIT Technology Review
“The first batch of models that could turn text into video appeared in late 2022, from companies including Meta, Google, and video-tech startup Runway. It was a neat trick, but the…

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