TikTok’s new suitor is former Dodgers owner Frank McCourt, as lawsuit pushes back against ban | News World

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New York

Another wealthy investor says he’s organizing a bid to purchase TikTok, after President Joe Biden signed a law last month forcing TikTok to find a new owner or be banned in the United States.

Frank McCourt, a real estate billionaire and the former owner of the Los Angeles Dodgers, said Wednesday he is laying the groundwork to acquire TikTok as part of a broad initiative to make a healthier internet.

McCourt, who has spent years accusing technology giants of exploiting their users and undermining the internet’s original open vision, did not disclose how much he aims to spend on TikTok or how much he believes the platform is worth.

Nor did he address how he plans to deal with the Chinese government’s expected opposition to a forced sale, which would likely trigger export controls China has imposed on…

Source www.cnn.com

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