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If you are here, perhaps you’ve recently picked up Stranded: Alien Dawn – Robots and Guardians on Xbox Series X|S or Xbox One! Take up the rebel cause and expand your Stranded: Alien Dawn experience with this brand-new scenario. You have liberated Hope, the first sentient android, and have been forced to take refuge on an uncharted alien planet in the Outer Worlds. Defend against the threat of the ruthless manufacturing consortium aiming to destroy her. Establish and upgrade your base and defenses with powerful new technologies to help you and your fellow rebels protect Hope for long enough to achieve full sentience.

Here are some tips and strategies to get you started on your quest to protect Hope from waves of armed automatons bent on recapturing the consortium’s priceless asset.

  • Start by scavenging everything you can find in a reasonable radius, especially if you decide to play the game on a higher difficulty. You will find your group of Hope defenders not only without a roof, but also without any weapons. The first wave of attackers will come armed with pikes and crossbows that are more advanced than the ones you’ll be able to craft in the first few days. Scavenging provides a small chance to find something useful to fend off the first group of bloodthirsty robots, and if you manage to craft a weapon or two in the meantime, you are more likely to survive. This is good news because after the battle, you’ll manage to get the cool new carbon crossbows and salvage some metal from your enemies’ leftovers.
  • Start building defenses early – A far cry from the insects and creatures which attack in the game’s other scenarios, your Robots and Guardians adversaries are far better equipped (with laser pistols and pikes!). The waves of robots trying to reach your base get, not only bigger, but increasingly well-armed. This means that you will need to start improving defenses and placing fortifications and traps early…

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