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Twelve South launched a new mount earlier in the month that looked to solve one of the biggest issues with having a collection of Apple Watch bands – the fact that you have to keep them organized. I’ve been testing out the new TimePorter Wall Mount and really have to hand it to Twelve South for finally making it easy to tidy up my wardrobe of Watch bands.

Twelve South sent me one of its new Apple Watch organizers last week, and it quickly got acquainted with my collection of watch bands. I opted to install it right next to my bed, so that when I get up every day I can decide just which band I am looking to have accompany me through the day.

The whole deal with the new Twelve South TimePorter is that it helps you keep Apple Watch bands organized at home. Long time readers will know this isn’t the first time the company has used the TimePorter moniker for one of its products, as we did see a portable take on keeping your wearable nice and tidy around half a decade ago. Now the brand is back to debut more of an at-home solution to the problem, with its new wall mount.

The latest addition to the Twelve South TimePorter lineup is a simplistic accessory that can stick up on your wall. It’s made of a white plastic that is very fitting for its relation to Apple and has room to hold upwards of six different Apple Watch bands at a time. That keeps everything right in view, while also showing off your wardrobe of different styles – think of it as a jewelry or tie stand, just for your Apple Watch straps that sells for $30.

Everything revolves around a novel mounting system that wedges the lugs of the bands into a little gap between two rubber pads. It holds your straps in place pretty securely, while still being able to just yoink one down without too much of a fuss. I was a bit worried that the hold wouldn’t be reliable enough for some of the heavier bands out there when I first saw the accessory revealed, but after some time,…

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