Ubisoft’s free-to-play shooter XDefiant defies its March release, server test due before ‘locking’ a new date | Gaming

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XDefiant, the free-to-play arena-shooter – a la Apex Legends, Overwatch 2, Valorant or the multiplayer team-based game of your choice – built around classes and factions from across the Ubisoft universe games from Splinter Cell and Far Cry to Ghost Recon and Watch Dogs, has been delayed. Originally outlined for a launch before the end of March – you’ll note that we’re now in April – the upcoming FPS will apparently now decide a release date after an upcoming stress test for its servers.

XDefiant has been kicking around since at least mid-2021, when it was announced by Ubisoft as part of their Tom Clancyverse despite also trying to have an irreverent “punk-rock mosh pit” aesthetic that didn’t exactly scream “military shooter” to me.

Originally revealed with unique classes cropped from Clancy games like The Division and Splinter Cell, offering different active powers, passive effects and weapons like the roster of other hero shooters, by the time Ollie spent a couple of hours with it last year it had also added Watch Dogs hackers Deadsec and Far Cry’s Libertad to its starting line-up of five Defiants. They’ll go head-to-head across a variety of maps and modes, from traditional team deathmatches to your Overwatch-style escort missions.

The shooter’s preseason was originally expected to arrive last October, before being delayed while its team looked to address some “inconsistencies” after a public test session. While its developers didn’t give a revised release date at the time, Ubisoft’s…

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