Uganda human rights defender detained by military forces for opposing a crude oil pipeline project – JURIST | News World

Uganda People’s Defence Force (UPDF) arrested Ugandan environmental activist Stephen Kwikiriza in Kampala under “alarming circumstances,” according to a press release published on Wednesday by the group the Environment Governance Institute (EGI).

Stephen Kwikiriza is an environmental activist and a human rights defender who works with the non-governmental organization EGI. He is from the Kingfisher project area and has been campaigning against developing the East African Crude Oil Pipeline (Eacop).

According to the published statement, UPDF’s officers dressed in plain clothes arrested the activist on the morning of June 4 while he went into town. He later sent a text message to his colleague from EGI, confirming his detention by the country’s military without giving any further details on the reasons behind this arrest. Kwikiriza’s phone numbers went offline, and all communications with him were lost.

Furthermore, the EGI stated that Stephen Kwikiriza’s location, current…


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