Ultrakill dev says it’s fine to pirate his game if you don’t have money to spare: ‘Culture shouldn’t exist only for those who can afford it’ | Gaming

I think we can all agree that piracy is basically an inevitability for any piece of software. For years now, we’ve been living in an era where Denuvo gets cracked so quickly for new games that it’s not even worth running a headline about it. But while piracy might be inevitable, the question remains: is it morally acceptable? I mean, sure—according to Ultrakill dev Arsi “Hakita” Patala. Just make sure you tell people if you like it.

Hakita made his piracy position clear on Twitter earlier this week, quoting a user who posted a cell phone screenshot of Ultrakill being transferred from a .zip file with the caption “i ❤️ pirating indie games.” While he made sure to say you should support indie devs if you have the means, Hakita was more or less cool with it.

Hakita’s chill stance, assuming you’re of certain, very cool political and/or piratical persuasions, is that…

Source www.pcgamer.com

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