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Amazon.com, In.c AMZN is currently offering a 10% discount on Nintendo Switch Online memberships for Black Friday.

The deal includes a reduction in the price of the 1-year Individual membership to $17.99 from $20 and the one-year Family membership to $31.49 from $35, IGN informed.

Typically, Nintendo ADR NTDOY doesn’t often discount its memberships, making this offer particularly noteworthy.

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A Nintendo Switch Online subscription is essential for accessing various online features in games like Super Smash Bros Ultimate, Splatoon 3, Minecraft, Mario Maker 2 and Animal Crossing: New Horizons.

Additionally, members gain access to classic games through NES, SNES and Game Boy emulators, exclusive eShop deals, cloud saving, and the NSO mobile app.

The Individual membership allows access to one account, while the Family membership extends access to eight accounts, making it more suitable for households with multiple gamers.

Considering the expense of the monthly Individual membership at $3.99 totaling $48 per year, the yearly plan is a more cost-effective option.

An alternative option is to purchase discounted eShop gift cards at 10% off their original prices ($20 or $35) and buy the membership later, effectively obtaining a 10% discount on the membership cost. This strategy allows flexibility: if membership isn’t desired, the cards can be used to buy games instead, offering a win-win situation for buyers during the Black Friday sale.

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