Used Tesla Cybertruck Market Surges, Battles 2025 Rivian R1T, R1S On Price | News World

The used Cybertruck market shows no signs of slowing, pitting practically new Tesla pickups against the just-announced 2025 Rivian R1T/R1S electric vehicles.

Low-mileage used Cybertruck market explodes: As Tesla slowly boosts production of the electric pickup and more vehicles get into customers’ hands, the used market has become surprisingly robust for a car that has been shipping in limited volume only since April. (Tesla said it produced over 1,000 Cybertrucks in a single week in April when it announced first quarter earnings.) And given that many sellers have had the Cybertruck only briefly, some used CTs are almost new. Both car shopping sites Autotrader and CarGurus show over 200 used Cybertrucks available nationwide as of June. That’s a spike in inventory since last month. Prices start at over $110,000. Used Cybertrucks — available immediately — command price premiums because of the long wait times for new CTs.

2025 Rivian…


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