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In the vast expanse of our skies, pilots navigate not only the complexities of modern aviation but also, occasionally, the mysteries of the unexplained. Among these enigmas, Unidentified Aerial Phenomena (UAPs) present a perplexing challenge, sparking intense discussions on aviation safety and the need for a concerted global response. Far from being confined to the realm of science fiction, encounters with UAPs have been reported by credible witnesses across the globe, igniting concerns about the potential risks they pose to flight safety.

One of the most compelling cases that underscore the seriousness of these encounters occurred in 1986, involving Japan Airlines Flight 1628 over Alaska. The crew reported an inexplicably large object, several times the size of their aircraft, trailing them for a considerable duration. The incident, characterized by the pilot’s vivid description of the object’s enormity and his own fear, is far from isolated. Similar encounters have been documented worldwide, suggesting that the phenomenon of UAPs is not only real but also widespread.

VIDEO: The Global Threat (Full Episode) | UFOs: Investigating the Unknown

These encounters often share common characteristics: highly advanced maneuverability that defies conventional aviation technology, the ability to appear and disappear from both sight and radar, and, most alarmingly, the potential to come dangerously close to commercial aircraft. Such near misses raise legitimate concerns over passenger safety and the need for a deeper understanding of UAPs.

Despite the growing body of evidence, the official response has been tepid at best. In the United States, the government’s formal study of UFOs (an earlier term for UAPs) concluded in 1969, leaving a vacuum filled by civilian researchers and a handful of dedicated organizations…

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