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Earlier today Tom Betts – founder of Nullpointer and former lead programmer at The Signal From Tolva developers Big Robot – emailed me about his new game The Horror At Highrook. In the space of a single, rollercoaster paragraph, Betts earned my curiosity by describing himself as a fellow Soul Reaver enthusiast, lost it again by criticising Soul Reaver’s camera – such insolence! – and earned it swiftly back by mentioning that he’s from Yorkshire. Then, he upgraded my curiosity into attention by describing The Horror At Highrook as a “clockwork narrative” horror experience that takes inspiration from Poe, Stoker and Lovecraft on the one hand, and from boardgames, wiki-hunting and escape rooms on the other.

This is a heady brew indeed. Also, there appears to be a cat in the game called Mr Tubbs, described as a “portly grey barrel of fur”. I entertain suspicions of Mr Tubbs. What fell secrets lurk behind his perfectly groomed exterior? Anyway, here’s the trailer.

The Horror At Highrook

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In The Horror At Highrook, whose Steam page has just gone live, you lead a team of investigators (characters include plague doctors and mechanists) to a haunted mansion that takes the form of a Betrayal At House On The Hill-style gameboard, with cards for events, objects and entities placed in rooms at the behest of a “deep, nonlinear crafting system”. It sort of looks like you’re levelling the board up in some way, by playing and combining those cards. While scouring the mansion – whose owners, the Ackeron family, have gone missing, as…

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