Videos: David Shapiro Was Talking AGI in September 2024 and Now He Delays His Prediction by 1-3 Years | News World

David Shapiro is an AI youtuber who was predicting AGI would arrive in September 2024. His expectations have massively dropped for the speed of AI progress. He has made a few videos talking about AI progress slowing down. Shapiro is over correcting because he hyped it up with an AGI by Sept 2024 prediction. He was hard core on that 2024 prediction.

Shapiro was talking about massive job displacement starting in 2025 and speeding up in 2026. It appears he is now backtracking to the AI created job loss and transformation in 2027-2030. It is about a 2-4 year slowdown. Shapiro was not very precise in his AI prognostications.

Brian Wang – Nextbigfuture AI Predictions

I have predicted superintelligence by 2027 and a technical academic AGI in about 2025. Technical AGI is more of a measurement on a very broad range of tests.

I believe superintelligence is inevitable…


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