Videos: Space Youtubers Amazed that SpaceX Starship Flap Survived to Make Landing Burn | News World

If you watched or watch the SpaceX Starship returning from orbit and going through re-entry your reaction would be like the space youtubers. You would expect the flap on the Starship to burn through and for the rocket to be lost. However it did not happen. We watched the flap melt some but it kept working despite the damage.

The rocket and flap made it all the way to just above the water. It did the flip and the landing burn.

Every few seconds we would lose the camera signal and telemetry would pause. But it kept coming back.

It was amazing and glorious.

The fact that the rocket was not lost and the complete flight plan was followed means the next launch will not be delayed by the FAA. There will be no need for an investigation.


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