Vinicius, Bellingham, Mbappe means Champions League past, present and future is Real Madrid’s | News World

Dortmund were the better side in the Champions League final but Real Madrid. Their past is gilded, their present is bejeweled and their future is Mbappe.


At least in the case of the Champions League, history is not actually written by the victors. Borussia Dortmund penned almost every line of this lengthy, engrossing, compelling ode to the 2024 final; Real Madrid simply barged in towards the end, changed a couple of details, added their byline and hit publish.

It’s what they do. Even when the Germans seemed to be the only team with a cogent, coherent plan well over an hour into proceedings at Wembley, the overwhelming vibe was not whether Real could respond, but when and how they inevitably would.

After the semi-final heroics of Joselu, no prediction seemed particularly outlandish. Antonio Rudiger in the 81st minute; Ferland Mendy in the 90th; Kepa in stoppage-time, assisted by Carlo Ancelotti’s eyebrow. No club is predicated on sheer aura quite like Real Madrid and this…


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