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Macworld’s Jason Cross sounds like he’s taking an approach along somewhat similar lines to my Apple product diaries with his Vision Pro review, saying that he’s going to take time before giving a verdict – and in the meantime share some of his early take-outs.

His initial thoughts describe some of the things that most impress him about the device – and some of the biggest problems he’s encountered so far …

Cross calls the work-in-progress findings Notes from the future.

What’s great about Vision Pro

He says the core experience just blows all previous devices out of the water – like the mix of eye-tracking and hand gestures. Meta headsets offer that too, as an alternative to the physical controllers, but Cross says Apple’s implementation is simply, well, untouchable.

Nothing does hand-tracking this well in a consumer device. The eye tracking is magic.

Similarly, the way that virtual windows seem every bit as real as physical objects.

There are definitely times when you can see “the future” in this device. This idea of computing resources just hanging in the air, or on a wall, as steady and clear as any real object would be […] I just can’t get over how well-anchored virtual objects and windows are. They are rock-solid and steady. Those floating windows are there, man. They are real.

That includes the Mac virtual monitor, which he says has too much latency for gaming, but is otherwise “awesome.”

What’s not

He does, though, have quite a lengthy list of issues and missing features. Top of these is the weight, and front-heavy center of gravity, which he blames on Apple’s…

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