Viva Receives Authorization To Launch 65 New Routes In Colombia

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The Colombian civil aviation authority (Aeronáutica Civil) has approved 65 new routes to the local low-cost carrier Viva. Half of these new routes connect Colombian cities with international destinations all across America. For Viva, it is a step forward towards expanding as the low-cost operator in South America. Let’s investigate further.

Viva received authorization to launch 65 new routes! Photo: Viva

A bunch of new routes

Currently, Viva operates 36 routes, focusing mainly on the domestic market, according to Cirium’s database. Internationally, it flies to Mexico City, Cancun, Lima, Miami, and Orlando from Medellin and Bogota.

Nonetheless, Viva aims to become a low-cost powerhouse across the Americas. The airline has already obtained authorization to fly specific routes to Argentina, Brazil, Chile, and Costa Rica.

Now, Aeronáutica Civil has increased even more the number of routes it has granted Viva. The carrier received authorization to launch 65 new routes (33 international and 32 domestic).

Camilo Pabón Almanza, Transportation minister in Colombia, said,

“The authorized routes will offer a new variety of opportunities for the air transport customers. They bring more point-to-point connectivity in and out of the country and support the economic reactivation of the airline industry.”

Which routes could Viva operate?

Viva received authorization to launch international routes to the United States, Mexico, Peru, Brazil, the Dominican Republic, El Salvador, Panama, Guatemala, and Aruba. The airline could serve all these destinations with one daily frequency, according to Aerocivil.

From Bogota, Viva will connect with Houston, Miami, New York, San Juan (Puerto Rico), Chicago, Boston, Washington, Baltimore, and Tampa, in the US. Viva will also fly between Bogota and Cancún in Mexico; Bogota-Cuzco in Peru; Bogota-Rio de Janeiro in Brazil; as well as Bogota to Santo Domingo, Panama-Tocumen, Guatemala City, Aruba, and San Salvador.

From Viva’s hub at Medellin International Airport, the low-cost carrier will also launch a bunch of new routes. The airline will fly to New York, Houston, and San Juan (Puerto Rico) in the US. Additionally, it will connect Medellin with Punta Cana, San Salvador, Panama-Tocumen, and Santo Domingo.

But that’s not all. Viva will also launch new routes from smaller cities like Cartagena, Cúcuta, and Cali.

From Cartagena, it will fly to Miami, Mexico City, and Lima; from Cali, it will fly to Orlando, Miami, Cancun, Mexico City, and Lima. Finally, from Cúcuta, it will go to Miami.

If Viva launches all these new routes, it would mean a 471% increase compared to its current international connectivity.

New domestic routes

Aeronáutica Civil also granted authorization for Viva to launch 32 new domestic routes. The carrier will connect Bogota with the Colombian cities of Neiva, Valledupar, Yopal, Armenia, Apartadó, and Pasto.

Viva will fly from Cartagena to Cúcuta, Villavicencio, Pasto, and Neiva; from the San Andrés Island it will go to Neiva, Pasto, Armenia, Villavicencio, and Santa Marta; additionally, from Cali to Montería, Bucaramanga, and Riohacha; from Santa Marta to Bucaramanga, and finally from Medellin to Leticia, Armenia, and Apartadó, and Bucaramanga with Cúcucta.

Massive expansion

Despite Aeronáutica Civil granting authorization to Viva, it is unclear when the carrier could begin commercial service of these routes.

Simple Flying reached Viva for comment on the newly approved routes; we haven’t received an answer so far. Nonetheless, Simple Flying and Viva’s CEO, Félix Antelo, will have a one-on-one chat during the Future Flying Forum next week.

Have you traveled with Viva? How was your experience? Are you excited about the massive international growth of the airline? Let us know in the comments below. 

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