We might not wait so long for the next FF7 Remake, as Square Enix plan to “win over PC users” with “aggressive” shift away from console exclusives | Gaming

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After rebooting Final Fantasy 7 as the trilogy of Remake, Rebirth and Really, You Went With That? (TBC), Square Enix are now planning to reboot themselves. Among the publishers’ revamped approach to making money – following a recent drop in profits, per their latest financials – is a more “aggressive” approach to bringing their games to more platforms than specific consoles (in other words, PlayStation) as exclusives, with a particular focus on “win[ning] over PC users”.

The New Medium-term Business Plan, which is also referred to in the presentation as “Square Enix Reboots, and Awakens” – which I especially like for how much it sounds like it could’ve come from a Final Fantasy or Kingdom Hearts trailer – plans to spend the next three years shifting “from quantity to quality”. (Thanks, Eurogamer.)

In a pleasing corporate balm to other multi-million/billion/trillion companies shutting down their more experimental projects that don’t instantly make a gazillion dollars, Square Enix say they will “be bold in attempting to create new IP, prioritizing novel forms…

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