Artificial intelligence (AI) and mobile robotics have advanced significantly in recent decades and the convergence of both technologies brings surprising results in several areas. Artificial intelligence robots (AI robots) are changing the way we live and work, as well as industrial processes around the world. Robotnik explores the advantages and disadvantages of AI robots. In this article, you can also find 10 examples of applications of these robots deployed in various industries.

🔺Pros of AI robots:

– Improved efficiency: AI robots can continuously perform repetitive and monotonous tasks covering full shifts, increasing production efficiency and reducing labor costs.

– Precision: they execute tasks with millimeter precision, an aspect of great relevance for sectors such as manufacturing, allowing a significant reduction in the number of errors.

– Increased productivity: By allowing workers to focus on more creative and strategic tasks, AI robots can increase productivity and free up human resources for higher value-added work.

– Safety: They can perform dangerous or tedious work in harsh environments, reducing risks to human workers.

🔺Cons of AI robots:

– Upfront cost: Acquiring and deploying AI robots has a cost that can be an effort, especially for SMEs or industries with tight budgets. Robotnik is working to make access to robotics more and more accessible and to eliminate these barriers to entry as much as possible.

– Job displacement: Intelligent mobile robotics executes certain tasks more efficiently than people, so there is a natural process of work divergence in which humans move on to other types of higher-value tasks.

– Dependency on technology: AI bots are only as effective as their programs and software, making them vulnerable to technical glitches and cyberattacks. For this reason, one of the main focuses of attention of professionals in the sector is to develop systems that are increasingly capable of…

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