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Have you said hello to our new staff writer, Nic Reuben yet? You should say hi to Nic. You’ve already been reading him on RPS for years as a freelancer, but he’s ours now. Is us now. In other news, hey, it’s a long weekend! Most of us (sorry, Alice Bee) have Friday off and Monday too, so expect us to return properly on Tuesday. Until then, what are you playing this Easter weekend? Here’s what we’re clicking on!

Alice Bee
I’m not actually off on Friday, so count your blessings. This weekend I’m going to play more WitchHand and maybe get to some map clearing in Horizon Forbidden West. It’s a fun open world! It has robots!

After clicking the ‘hey unlock all the unlockables right now please thanks’ button in Slice & Dice and being overwhelmed by all the newness it suddenly threw at me, I’ve re-locked the rest and started discovering things the slow way. With Balatro behind me, this dice-building dungeon crawler is now the game where I idly daydream about fiendish combinations I hope luck will roll my way.

I’m taking a bit of extended break, so I’ll be doing a mixture of real life activities. I’ll celebrate my birthday in a lowkey fashion with some pals, play some more Dragon’s Dogma 2, head off to a stag do, and continue a laborious stretching and strengthening routine as I nurse a lengthy back injury. Lovely.

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I don’t want to play any video or computer games this weekend. I just got back from doing, like, 30 hands-on demos at GDC. You can’t make me. I’m serious, I’ll scream! But if I find myself sitting down at the keyboard it’ll be…

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