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The IT industry modernizes the rest of the economy, and IT itself undergoes endless modification. Still, some things stay constant in this environment: Java continues to be the fundamental coding language for enterprise development.

Historically, many enterprises have been using proprietary Java code from Oracle and have stayed with this service for years. However, many also believe the misperception that the Java language can only be delivered by Oracle.

This article explains some principles of Java licensing, its historical changes and their impact on the OpenJDK market to guide you through the drivers and demands for Java-related services and products today.

The Brief History Of Java

Java was created by Sun Microsystems. In 2006, Sun Microsystems announced moving the Java SE edition to the open-source community. The first OpenJDK release followed in 2007. Since then, Java’s code has been enhanced by the OpenJDK community based on the open-source approach.

As part of the Sun Microsystem acquisition by Oracle (which started in 2009 and was finalized in 2010), Oracle attained intellectual property (IP) rights to the Java software, meaning that Oracle governs the licensing rules for Java editions.

Today, OpenJDK code is initially the same as the Java code…

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