“What happens in the desert stays in the desert” – How Dune Awakening’s factions expand upon the lore more than the Dune movies | Gaming

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Those who play online survival games are pirates, pioneers, gang leaders, and ambushers. They form strong alliances and establish long-lasting rivalries. If video games are able to foster interesting, often hilarious, and always engaging player behavior, than this genre in particular is a petri dish in which it flourishes.

Dune Awakening looks to be no exception. For those of us who’ve dreamed of waging political, economic, and physical war on the Dunes of Arrakis, the game may be our best bet.

So to find out more, I sat down and talked with chief creative officer at Funcom and creative director of Dune Awakening, Joel Bylos. He and the company he works for has ample experience with survival games, and gameplay showcases present a promising peek at the games’ unique quirks and twists. But what for those who wish to envelop themselves in Dune? The spiceheads eager to pick a faction and make a name for themselves?

Much of the meat takes place later in the game – after you’ve built up your own base and carved out a home on Arrakis – but the roots are planted in character creation. Able to pick from a variety of home planets, you can craft anything from a regular self-insert, a noble warrior from House Atreides, or a pale, bald Harkonnen. This, plus the option of what kind of master you trained under, lets you ignite that Dune fantasy.

Command your troops. | Image credit: Funcom.

Eventually, you’ll run into the two major factions both in the flesh and embedded in stone. Handlers from both the Atreides and…

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