What Meta glasses lack is what most excites me about Apple Glasses | Technology

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When I tried Ray-Ban Meta glasses last week, I described the AI features as largely a gimmick at this point, but still making me feel excited for a future Apple Glasses product.

Several commenters noted that the glasses do somewhat better when given follow-up questions, and I tried out this feature on another walk, to reveal a mix of hits and misses. But what’s really missing at present is integration …

The glasses have no access to the GPS of the connected iPhone, so can’t use location as a clue. They don’t have access to third-party apps, so can’t pull data from those for things like public transit. What we really need here is a fully connected ecosystem – and I can think of a company that specialises in that …

The long-term AI dream

I’ve written before about my long-term dream for a fully-connected Siri. Almost a decade ago, I dreamed of being able to give it an instruction like “Arrange lunch with Sam next week” and leave it to figure out all the details.

“Siri knows who Sam is, so that bit’s fine. It has access to my calendar, so knows when I have free lunch slots. Next, it needs to know when Sam has free lunch…”

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