What the best game where everyone’s mad at you even though you did nothing wrong? The Best Games Ever Podcast episode 101 | Gaming

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It won’t have escaped your notice, dear viewer or listener, that the last episode – our incredible two-part 100th episode special quickfire edition – featured six contestants instead of the usual three. It may have escaped your notice, however, that 50% of them were not actually VG247 staff. This has caused certain ripples at VG247 Towers. Realising I may have triggered a full-on staff revolt, with its ire pointed squarely in my direction, I felt it wise last week to pretend to be ill and get Tom to host the podcast instead.

Tom, being the great mediator that he is, not only stepped seamlessly into the host role but also managed to get everyone to calm down and thwarted a live mutiny attempt during the recording. With everyone suitably placated, we’ll back to normal next week.

But what’s the best game where everyone’s mad at you even though you’ve done nothing wrong? To find out, you’ll…

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