What’s better: Security cameras following your every move, or shopkeepers annoyed when you don’t buy anything? | Gaming.

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Last time, you decided decisively that the spell Fireball is better than a button to unlock all unlocks. I should have known because our dear old friend Fireball is always there for us, always readily available, always keen to punch someone in the face, neck, and chest with a lump of solid fire. Thank you, Fireball. I love you. This week, it’s a question of anxiety. What’s better: security cameras following your every move, or shopkeepers annoyed when you don’t buy anything?

Security cameras following your every move

When I see a security camera in a non-stealth game, I expect it to follow me. It should always do its best to focus on me, the star of this video game. The teensiest break of the fourth wall. Ideally it should make a good noise while doing so, or at minimum have a glowy little red LED.

Permapeeping cameras create a little mystery. Who’s controlling this camera? Why are they following me so intently? Why are they not doing anything about all these problems I’m creating? It implies a whole other layer of infrastructure and humans in this world. Even if you don’t see it that way, you can still enjoy imagining the bafflement of a security officer watching you toy with the camera by spriting, blinking, dodging, ducking, and diving to see how fast and how well it follows you. Yes, buddy, I’m still watching, and being on minimum wage only stings more when I can’t get back to my book because I have…

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