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QR codes, those complicated squares nobody cared about until a pandemic insisted they were essential to our everyday lives, are about to take on a new importance in WhatsApp. Specifically, Unified Payment Interface Identity or UPI ID, QR codes. UPI ID acts as a virtual payment address for online transactions. With this addition, WhatsApp will add a hugely useful way of making person-to-person payments.

Payments between users are already possible in WhatsApp, and this new feature, spotted by the reliably ahead-of-the-curve WABetaInfo, introduces the capability to make payments quicker and more conveniently.

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Fewer steps will be required, and WABetaInfo says it works like this: “Some beta testers now have the opportunity to explore a new shortcut directly within the chats list, enabling them to scan any UPI QR code. Since many people are already using payments on WhatsApp to securely send and receive money in India, this feature proves to be very beneficial for users, making it even more convenient for them to perform transactions within the app.”

The new update means that the QR scanner appears within the chats list screen, making it much easier to use. As the report says, “This process not only saves time but also enhances the overall user experience, making the scanning experience more intuitive. Additionally, considering the widespread adoption of digital payments in India, we believe that this feature aligns perfectly with…

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