Why car location tracking needs an overhaul | Malware

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Across America, survivors of domestic abuse and stalking are facing a unique location tracking crisis born out of policy failure, unclear corporate responsibility, and potentially risky behaviors around digital sharing that are now common in relationships.

No, we’re not talking about stalkerware. Or hidden Apple AirTags. We’re talking about cars.

Modern cars are the latest consumer “device” to undergo an internet-crazed overhaul, as manufacturers increasingly stuff their automobiles with the types of features you’d expect from a smartphone, not a mode of transportation.

There are cars with WiFi, cars with wireless charging, cars with cameras that not only help while you reverse out of a driveway, but which can detect whether you’re drowsy while on a long haul. Many cars now also come with connected apps that allow you to, through your smartphone, remotely start your vehicle, schedule maintenance, and check your tire pressure.

But one feature in particular, which has legitimate uses in responding to stolen and lost vehicles, is being abused: Location tracking.

It’s time car companies do something about it.  

In December, The New York Times…

Source www.malwarebytes.com

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