Why haven’t Sonic Team made a Sonic RPG yet, asks Sonic Team boss | Gaming

Sonic Team head Takashi Iizuka wants to know why the hell Sonic Team haven’t made their own Sonic The Hedgehog RPG yet. He sounds positively hysterical about it, hopping mad, which you know, mate, you’ve been running the show since 2008. You’ve been working on Sonic games since 1994. I too yearn to bound through the Star Post portal and into a world where Sonic has to min-max his trainers and do companion quests for Big The Cat. The spinning ball of spines is in your court, Iizuka-san. The people of Mobius are ready. Mario has had that genre all to himself for long enough.

Iizuka made these innocent remarks during a Good Vibes Gaming interview at a Sonic x Shadow Generations preview event – this being the year of Shadow. They were subsequently pounced upon by…

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