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Are you watching For All Mankind? If not, you should be. Apple TV+’s phenomenal sci-fi drama just returned for season four, and io9 has an exclusive clip from its second episode which debuts Friday. But even if you’re not watching the show, this clip, as simple as it may be, is an almost perfect example of why you should be watching For All Mankind and why it’s so good.

The below clip features two characters who have been on the show for all four seasons: Ed Baldwin, played by Joel Kinneman, and Danielle Poole, played by Krys Marshall. Each character has aged considerably since the first season (it’s been 40 years or so after all) and has risen to a role of considerable power—something that may have clouded their judgments a bit. Well, at least Ed’s. Check out this io9 exclusive clip from this week’s episode of For All Mankind, “Have a Nice Sol.”

For All Mankind Season Four Exclusive Clip

Okay so, again, a very simple clip. But think about everything they’re discussing so matter of factly here. We have a colony on Mars. The colony is so boring at this point that people take it for granted. In fact, a whole group of people are working on Mars without any consideration of its majesty strictly for the pay, and Ed and Dani have various different viewpoints on it. Plus, they have to fix the telecommunications so the laborers can use it without issue. It’s simple, fascinating, epic stuff.

And, without spoiling too much, this…

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