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In the rapidly evolving world of real estate technology, two transactions have recently made headlines, shedding light on the strategic approaches of leading companies in the industry. Matterport, Inc. MTTR, known for its digital twin technology across a variety of sectors, has enhanced its portfolio through the acquisition of VHT Studios, while Urbanimmersive Inc. UBMRF, focused on digital twin technology in real estate marketing, has made a significant expansion with the purchase of HomeVisit from CoreLogic Solutions, LLC.

Urbanimmersive’s Calculated Expansion

Urbanimmersive’s recent acquisition of HomeVisit marks a notable increase in the company’s footprint in the U.S. market. The deal, valued at CA$ 9 million, brings new product offerings and extensive cross-selling opportunities, particularly with the CoreLogic Group. HomeVisit, which has delivered visual content marketing services and generated revenues of approximately $7.83 million in its last fiscal year, has become part of Urbanimmersive’s extensive service suite. This strategic acquisition not only expands its service offerings but also bolsters its brand associations with renowned names like Long & Foster, Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices and Compass.

Matterport And VHT

In a move mirroring Urbanimmersive’s approach to enhancing the real estate experience, Matterport’s acquisition of VHT Studios signifies a strategic alignment of visual media services with 3D Digital Twin technology. This acquisition demonstrates a parallel initiative to Urbanimmersive’s efforts by seeking to simplify the marketing process for brokers and agents through integrated services. 

While Matterport expands its reach into sectors such as commercial real estate and hospitality, the essence of this strategy underscores the growing trend in the industry, one that Urbanimmersive has been pioneering as a nano-cap alternative, providing…

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