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Microsoft Corp. MSFT introduced a unique promotional campaign featuring an “official edible controller” and a Willy Wonka-themed Xbox Series X.

The novelty lies in a chocolate replica of the Xbox controller, designed to align with the upcoming “Wonka” film, Xbox announced in a blog post.

“Wonka” stars Timothée Chalamet as Willie Wonka, and traces the beginnings of the chocolatier’s career. Produced by Warner Bros Discovery Inc WBD, it is scheduled to debut in the U.S. on Dec. 15.

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This chocolate gamepad, while not functional, is included alongside a traditional controller (sporting a burgundy color reminiscent of Wonka’s coat) for practical gaming purposes.

The Wonka-inspired Xbox Series X bundle includes not only the chocolate controller but also a set of five game-themed chocolates: “Achievement Hunting,” claimed to have energy-boosting elements for enhanced focus during gaming sessions; “Button Masher,” infused with espresso for heightened reflexes; “Your Citrus Sidekick,” combining chocolate and orange flavors; “Xtra Kick,” offering a blend of sweetness and heat; and “Wonka for the Win,” a simple yet indulgent truffle.

Fans have an opportunity to win this exclusive package by participating in an Xbox sweepstakes through X, following specific guidelines until the deadline on Dec. 14.

Microsoft has a history of creating unconventional controllers, including editions like the Sonic the Hedgehog gamepads in red and blue fluffy designs, and even controllers crafted from materials such as jade.

Alongside these limited editions, Microsoft offers a diverse range of regular controllers, from stylish designs such as the Gold Shadow to environmentally conscious versions made from recycled materials.

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