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Microsoft is rolling out Windows 11 Build 26100 to testers in the Canary and Dev Channels, which could be the potential final release candidate (RTM, also known as release to manufacturer). This makes sense because we’re entering the second week of April when the update should be finalized.

Windows 11 version 24H2 is expected to ship on Snapdragon X Elite PCs by mid-2024, and the public rollout on existing PCs with new AI features should kick off in September or October. If a critical issue is not reported, Windows 11 Build 26100 will be signed off as an RTM candidate in the coming days.

It is also worth noting that Microsoft continues to work on Windows 11 version 24H2, and it will release cumulative updates for testers. The cumulative updates will address potential known issues ahead of the rollout with Snapdragon X Elite in mid-2024.

What’s fixed and improved in Build 26100

Build 26100 comes with several fixes, including a fix for an issue where shutting down and hibernating did not work correctly. Additionally, an issue that prevented some users from downloading app updates from the Microsoft Store or Windows updates (error 0x80240067) has been addressed.

The rest of the improvements apply to Windows Copilot.

According to the release notes, Copilot in Windows now works as a standard Windows app, which means you can adjust the size of the app window and use it on any side of the scene. The update also includes a fix for an issue that made it difficult to focus on the “…” or refresh buttons within Copilot.

Microsoft has also patched an issue that causes Desktop Window…

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