Windows 11 to remove more old features, including Driver Verifier GUI and psr.exe | Windows

Microsoft is killing off several legacy features and services in a future release of Windows 11, and the list is huge. It includes big names like WordPad, Steps Recorder (psr.exe), and Windows Driver Verifier GUI. Microsoft has quietly confirmed that it’s also killing off the Driver Verifier GUI (verifiergui.exe), but it will remain available via the command line.

In an update to the support document, Microsoft confirmed that it would remove the GUI (verifiergui.exe) in a future release of Windows. It’s unclear if the interface to access Driver Verify is going away with Windows 11 24H2, but I don’t think that is the case because the app still exists in the near-final preview builds.

You can still use the driver verifier feature through the command line, but remember that the command syntax isn’t easy for everyone to understand.

Driver Verifier GUI in Windows 11 | Image Courtesy:

As shown in the screenshot above, the GUI offers…


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