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Starfield is the masterpiece that Microsoft has been waiting for a long time. With Starfield in the market, they are attracting the majority of the gaming community. Being an Xbox exclusive, the fans believe Bethesda’s Space Odyssey has given them an advantage in the console wars. This has only happened because Microsoft is currently laser-focused on Starfield.

Focusing on a single subject to make it perfect is quite palpable, but Microsoft is neglecting an important issue that the Xbox players have faced for quite some time. Microsoft is acting like Rockstar Games’, only focusing on GTA 6 and canceling every other project. Microsoft’s behavior is not well-received by the Xbox community.

What Problem Is The Xbox Community Facing?

Xbox Cloud Gaming Facing Major Issues

The Xbox Cloud Gaming users are unhappy with Microsoft’s recent issues. They have been suffering from tons of glitches at the beginning of every gaming session, and the waiting time has been stretching longer and longer. These problems happen in every console, but there is always a reason for that. In the case of Xbox Cloud Gaming users, there are no reasons why there is no end to the long queues and failure to initiate a gaming session. It just happens on its own without any notice.

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The fans are getting angry with each encounter. Their frustration seems to grow with every session. They have addressed the problems several times, but Microsoft has not replied. The gaming community feels that the Cloud Gaming system is robust and needs improvement. Even though Microsoft promised upgrades to deal with the issue, there has been no update since then.

Microsoft Is Failing to Address Major Xbox Issue.

Some users are not experiencing any queue times. Instead, they directly experience the connection failure. Sometimes, it is mentioned to try another browser for loading. But the long…

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