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Although the change will merely be of a second, the earth’s changing spin is threatening to toy with our sense of time, clocks and computerized society in an unprecedented way.

Here is why for the first time in history, timekeepers may have to consider subtracting a second from our clocks in a few years. 

According to the study, the planet is rotating a tad bit faster than it used to, and hence we might have to subtract a second in a few years. “This is an unprecedented situation and a big deal,” said study lead author Duncan Agnew, a geophysicist at the Scripps Institution of Oceanography at the University of California, San Diego.

“It’s not a huge change in the Earth’s rotation that’s going to lead to some catastrophe or anything, but it is something notable. It’s yet another indication that we’re in a very unusual time.”

Ice melting at both of Earth’s poles has been counteracting the planet’s burst of speed and is likely to have delayed this global second of reckoning by about three years, Agnew said.

“We are headed toward a negative leap second,” said Dennis McCarthy, retired director of time for the US Naval Observatory who wasn’t part of the study. “It’s a matter of when.”

It’s a complicated…

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