World leaders demand ‘surge in action’ for sustainable development | News World

The inaugural  meeting of his 10-member SDG Stimulus Leaders Group, took place as many developing countries are still reeling from repeated economic shocks and debt burdens that far outstrip their ability to pay.

The Group advocates at the highest level for equipping developing countries with the financial resources to invest in the 17 SDGs, which provide the blueprint for a more just and equitable future for all people and the planet by 2030. 

Mr. Guterres underlined the need for “a surge in action now” for the SDGs

Fuelling sustainable development 

“Developing countries – and billions of people – are facing the worst economic outlook in more than a generation,” he said.  “Financing is the fuel of development and we must ensure that countries are not forced to run on empty.” 

Leaders attending the meeting discussed the Secretary-General’s call for an SDG Stimulus

The wide-ranging proposal calls for near-term actions to provide developing countries with the…


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