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Earlier this month, 9to5Mac reported that Apple has been working on new iPad models, including two versions of the iPad Air – one to be an update of the current model and the other with different hardware, potentially with a larger screen. As the news was corroborated by other sources, we now want to know if you would be willing to buy a larger iPad Air.

Rumors hint at a new, larger iPad Air

9to5Mac’s sources have told us that Apple has been experimenting with two new versions of the iPad Air. Codenamed J507 and J508 (Wi-Fi and cellular versions), these models are likely to replace iPad Air 5 with a new chip. Since the current-generation Air is powered by M1, the new model will get M2. These models are in line with what Bloomberg reported back in June.

But Apple has also been working on another new iPad Air, this one identified as J537 and J538. These models are somewhat from the same family as the new M2 iPad Air, but the different codename suggests that there’s a more significant hardware difference between them.

For instance, the only iPad that currently has more than one version is the iPad Pro, as it comes in 11- and 12.9-inch models, so there are two models for each version. Something similar happens with the iPhone, which has a different identifier for the Pro and Pro Max versions. So, what is Apple planning for the iPad?

DigiTimes reported this week that Apple has been working on a new iPad model with a 12.9-inch screen that uses traditional LCD instead of mini-LED. Since the 12.9-inch iPad Pro has a mini-LED display and there are rumors about Apple switching to OLED in the future, it seems plausible to assume that this new 12.9-inch iPad with LCD display is a new iPad Air.

Would you buy one?

While some may argue (rightly) that the iPad lineup has become a mess, there’s plenty of room for a larger iPad Air, just as there’s room for the iPhone Plus. The iPad Air with a 10.9-inch display costs…

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