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During this year’s Black Friday event, Microsoft Corp. MSFT has rolled out substantial discounts and enticing deals for Xbox enthusiasts.

Announced via the Xbox Wire blog, the discounts span from Nov. 17 until the end of the month, aiming to attract gamers with tempting price cuts across various Xbox products.

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The Xbox Series S, priced at $300, is offered in a bundle that includes the console and a three-month subscription to Game Pass Ultimate, providing access to a plethora of games like Starfield and Forza Motorsport at an affordable rate.

Simultaneously, the higher-tier Xbox Series X receives a $50 discount, available in bundles featuring games such as Diablo IV and Forza Motorsport.

Additionally, Xbox controllers are marked down by $10, and Microsoft offers complimentary engravings for personalized Elite Series 2 controllers from the Design Lab.

A substantial number of Xbox games are also on sale, boasting significant price reductions. Titles like “Diablo IV,” “Resident Evil 4 remake,” “Forza Horizon 5,” “Halo Infinite, Star Wars Jedi: Survivor,” among others, are discounted between 20% and 70%, presenting an opportunity for gamers to grab these popular titles at reduced rates.

Despite the considerable discounts on Xbox hardware and games, there are limited deals available for expanding storage for Xbox Series X/S SSDs. However, a notable offer includes a $25 discount on the 1TB Western Digital Black C50.

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