Xbox Games Showcase 2024: What can we expect? | Gaming

In previous years, Xbox’s annual mid-year showcase was usually filled with palpable excitement, with Microsoft known to surprise with out-of-nowhere reveals (remember Keanu Reeves?). But ahead of the Xbox Games Showcase 2024, they’ve had their guts spilt all over the news; there is little unknown about the fracas happening around Microsoft’s gaming division.

Layoffs, studio closures, and exclusives heading to their rivals—it is an understatement to say that there is a massive elephant in the room. There are many questions surrounding Xbox’s future, and the need for transparency is now more pertinent than ever.

Luckily for Microsoft, many of these questions can be answered through games. What exactly have Xbox Game Studios been working on? Are there any new IPs to look out for? Will Conker be revived again? Many questions, only so much time. We look at what fans will get out of Xbox Games Showcase 2024.

Confirmed/Likely to Appear

Gears 6

This first one should be an easy lock…


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