Xbox’s ‘South Of Midnight’ Is Renewing My Faith In Video Games | Gaming

The games industry has seen a lot of strife in recent years, namely in the form of mass lay-offs, unfathomable studio shuttering’s and the seemingly unwillingness (at least by out-of-touch higher-ups) to seriously invest in any project that isn’t a dull, predictable sequel or a live service money-printing monstrosity.

However! There’s some light at the end of this dark digital tunnel—possibly. Lately, driven by some promising reveals and updates, I feel like the industry is starting to experience a bit of a renaissance in terms of creativity and risk. Maybe we’re witnessing a cautious return to the days of yore when the pure, joyful wackiness and unbridled riskiness of video games sat front and center, unchallenged, before the gaming public.

PlayStation’s upcoming Astro Bot is a great example, a brand new 3D platformer that feels like a direct conduit to the more carefree days at Sony…


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